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Automatic Doors

Quick Action Sliding Pedestrian Automatic Doors

door1 Comfort, safety, prestige, hygiene, appeal, access control and, in the case of air-conditioned areas, optimised energy consumption: these are just some of the advantages that you can have from an automatic door.

The DITEC is a leading manufacturer of these functional and useful automations.

door 1 Today's life has made it more and more frequent and common to find doors that open when we get near them. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, superior quality of processes and materials, our automatic sliding doors, opening and closing smoothly and trouble-free, not only give the building something more in terms of look, novelty and appeal but they also make the life of the people using them more and more comfortable

door 2 This is why having an automatic door is not only a question of image and adaptation to advanced technical solutions, it is also a sign of care for the people that come and go, in that it makes their life easier.

Automatic doors also provide an useful means to solve problems arising from architectural barriers.

The DITEC constant commitment to study new solutions and offer the widest range of products to meet any customer requirement are a tangible reality.

Automatic Pedestrian Swing Doors

door 3 Standard Operating systems

Sturdy and versatile, ideal for very heavy duty
It is essential in case of demanding environmental conditions, such as external doors exposed to the wind and unfavourable weather conditions.

door 4 Intensive use System

Practical, reliable, noiseless and multifunctional
If you want to be able to close the door even in the event of power failure, it is advisable to choose an automation with motor opening but spring closing, possibly motor-assisted, like the S version. Thus the door opens manually and closes thanks to spring action.
Strong and noiseless.

Conceived to be a versatile product, it is suitable even for very heavy duty and very heavy wings. Wel S uses Brake system for closing speed and proximity speed adjustment, even in the event of power failure.

door 5Fire Door Systems

For heavy duty on fireproof doors.

The fireproof automation Wel F is used when it is necessary to isolate areas

Revolving Door Systems

door 7 door 8